A Semester at a Close

Well, it happened. Against all odds, somehow, I got into Columbia. I’ve been here a semester, and things are booming.

I’m working as a Literary Manager for an International Festival of New Plays, produced by Columbia’s School of the Arts Faculty. I’ve acted in several student productions. I’ve made friends with a Playwright in the program and directed a scene from one of his plays—which I hope to produce in full one day.

I have three recommendations pledged from faculty members for a Fellowship for which I plan to apply in the next ten days.

Things are rolling along.

I mention this because I just reread my last blog post from the beginning of the semester. I was terrified. I had a fear that coming to Columbia would somehow pull me out of the professional world of theatre-making, where I had just made a reappearance through Daniel’s Art Party. That fear has proven to be ill-founded. I’m am now more deeply connected to professional theatre practitioners than ever before.

I am Dramaturg. I am Columbia. Hear me roar. It feels good to be home.