The notebook and the calendar are a team

In the middle of last month, September, I started a bullet journal. I’m over 35 pages in, and it’s been over a month, so I think it’s fair to say the practice is working for me. I like the structure of it, the mindfulness that comes with writing and rewriting tasks (which I was before,Continue reading “The notebook and the calendar are a team”

The kindness of others

I promised there would be a post about Spoke’n Hostel, and here it is. Perhaps the pictures will describe it better than I could with words. The whole place is filled with cycling memorabilia, and downstairs, not pictured, was a full kitchen, with beautiful hand-written signs saying things like “Please help yourself” and “everything onContinue reading “The kindness of others”

A Semester at a Close

Well, it happened. Against all odds, somehow, I got into Columbia. I’ve been here a semester, and things are booming. I’m working as a Literary Manager for an International Festival of New Plays, produced by Columbia’s School of the Arts Faculty. I’ve acted in several student productions. I’ve made friends with a Playwright in theContinue reading “A Semester at a Close”

What’s Coming Up | as of November ’17

It’s time for another update, folks! I’ve spent about a week in D.C. with some dear friends, exploring the theatre scene and applying to jobs. I’m excited to discover what the holiday season holds. I had a wonderful time with the youngsters at Woodstock Union High School in Vermont, leading my first workshop with thatContinue reading “What’s Coming Up | as of November ’17”