What’s Coming Up | as of June ’17

My friends, the wait is over! I can now tell (some) of the things that are coming up for me:

I will be back on the East Coast of the United States (in Ashfield and surrounding area) as of July 24th! I look forward to reconnecting with old friends and filling up on apple cider.

In the first week of August, I will be gone again, this time to Portland, OR, where I will be participating in a three-day Recess Retreat. More information on that here. Also in Oregon, I am very excited to be working with a beautiful dancer and fantastic human, Reid Bondurant. In less than two weeks, we will create a one-time only, two-person performance piece. Neither of us knows what it will look like, but that won’t stop us!

In September and much of October I will be reunited with some of the most wonderful humans I know in Vermont. Yes, I will be living and working with the Art Monks of The Art Monastery Project. More information on them here.

Towards the end of October I will join forces with comedic powerhouse Steve Henderson and help to keep his ball of sketch-comedy rolling. (More information on that soon to come.)

And finally… NYC!! That’s right, my friends, by the beginning of November I will be in the Big Apple. Look me up if you’re there too!

Published by Theodor Gabriel

Theodor Gabriel is a producer and dramaturg finishing his MFA in Dramaturgy at Columbia in New York City. He has worked as a freelance creative producer, dramaturg, and performer in Berlin (Germany), Western Massachusetts, and New York City. Before Columbia, he served as Associate Producer of Daniel’s Art Party, a festival of theatrical events which took place at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, where he'd received his B.A. in Theatre and Literature in 2016. He is also a graduate of the National Theater Institute Semester (2014) and of the London Dramatic Academy (2015).

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