What’s Coming Up | as of October ’17

Well, a couple of things have changed since June.

I came back to the States, and I’ve been eating my weight in apples and drinking almost as much apple cider.

The trip to Portland sadly didn’t happen, but I look forward to reconnecting with Reid at Village Harmony at the end of this year. (More on that below.)

I spent a week in Vermont with the ArtMonks in September. I had hoped to stay a while longer, but life and logistics got in the way. I may connect with them again in December, though…. Stay tuned.

I did indeed work with Steve Henderson, who connected me to BrickRoad Productions (read more about them here), where I enacted a fair amount of silliness with co-conspirators Ray Suprenant, Julian Findlay, and Jaime Taber. With any luck I’ll book more work with BrickRoad in the future.

The calendar is in flux at the moment, but two things are certain: first, I will be leading acting workshops at a high school in Vermont where I know the theatre director—I’ll be sure to add details about that—and secondly, I will once again be joining forces with Village Harmony (details here) for the Winter Alumni Tour 2017/18. I’m very excited for the opportunity to rejoin these similarly-spirited humans for much singing and general merriment.

That’s all for now. See you in November!

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